Adventures in the Teardrop Bay.
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 Brook Shield

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PostSubject: Brook Shield   Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:27 pm

Pinpoints of light in a dark world. As a member of the Guild of Starlight, you are one of those pinpoints. You protect civilization from the encroaching wilderness and the savage monsters that threaten the peaceful way of life.

Each of you had your reasons for joining the Guild. Whether it was noble or selfish doesn't matter. They'll use you for the greater good. No matter where you joined, they have sent you to where you are needed most. Brook Shield. A small town on the fringes of civilization. Here you will complete missions in service to the Guild and help the people of Brook Shield create an easier way of life. Some of you arrive earlier than others and take up residence in the rookie's hall, a small room with six cramped beds and small personal chests. The first to arrive are allowed first pick, but must wait until all six of you finally arrive.

Eventually the last of you arrive. You are a motley crew, consisting of the three humans, an elf, a tiefling, and an aarakocra. Those of you who aren't human receive lots of strange looks, and derisive sneers. It seems you are not as welcome as your recruiters assured you would be. As you are called to muster in the training yard, this point is made abundantly clear.

You all line up at attention as you were taught. You only wait a few moments before you hear footsteps approach from behind. A large man, advanced in age but still firm in body, comes around the group and stands before you. His hard grey eyes scan the line, and his look of disappointment is poorly hidden.

"My name is Corvin. I'm the House Master. All of you will be answering to me, or one of my subordinates." His voice is loud, yet graveled, as if from years of yelling. He turns and begins to pace in front of the line. "I expect you to perform your duties to not just the best of your ability but to the best of anyone's ability. In this House you will be scouting, reclaiming, and exterminating. I expect that some of you will die in the line of these duties." Here he looks to the inhuman recruits. "I will not mourn your death."

He stops and stands before Herja. "Our enemies are monsters." He moves a little down the line and stops before the tiefling. "Demons." Ignoring the gasp from the man he moves once more, stopping before Brassna. "And savages." He moves to the end of the line and places a hand on Cold Sassy Tree. "But I have faith that the strongest of you will persevere and make me proud."

He once more stands before you all. "We're going to have a training exercise. I'm going to split you into two teams of three and you will have a mock battle." He points to the side of the yard where there are racks of wooden weapons and shields. "Each of you grab some sparring equipment. Grab whatever you're most comfortable with. You have one minute to line back up. Go."


OOC: Feel free to take this opportunity to talk to each other, or NPC's. You can grab any type of weapon and a shield. These function exactly like normal equipment but won't do lethal damage.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
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PostSubject: Re: Brook Shield   Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:12 am

Savages? Hmph!, Brassna thought to himself. I I come from a family that is great among the elves;
We take care of ourselves!
He ignored the others for now, inspecting the weapons. "It is he whispered is most uncouth.", he mutters to himself, picking up a thin wooden sword. "And that's the truth!"

He would only be with this guild for so long. He had other ambitions. Turning back to his other fellow roomies, he observed each in turn. Surely... Surely of them had the potential to be a great hero! And he would reap off of their fame with his songs...
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PostSubject: Re: Brook Shield   Fri Dec 22, 2017 7:57 pm

Cold Sassy Tree walks toward the weapon rack and grabs a short sword. He was accustomed to wielding two of them, but didn't feel like it would be necessary in mock combat.

He walks back to stand alongside the other elven fellow, whose eyes seemed to sparkle with ambition.
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PostSubject: Re: Brook Shield   

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Brook Shield
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