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 The Battle Map

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PostSubject: The Battle Map   Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:08 am

We are using a special website specifically designed for map making. This site here.

The idea is that I will post a link to the map at the beginning of the battle. When you roll for initiative, click on the link for the map. You should see your avatar in place on the map. Feel free to move yourself to your starting position, if you move somewhere I deem unreasonable, then I will move you as close as possible to where you want to be, but within my limits.

Once you move yourself, click the option at the bottom right that says "Pass Turn and copy URL for forum to clipboard." It will pop up a window with a URL, but just click the button at the bottom of that window that says "Copy URL to clipboard."

Just paste that URL into your post and it will link the updated map for all to see!

Now, each change to the map will spawn a new URL, which means I can go back and see past maps in case there's any question of tampering or confusion as to how far someone moved.

Once everyone is placed and all initiatives are rolled, I'll keep my original post updated with the most up to date map URL so there is minimal confusion.

Once battle starts, you'll need to keep updating your position, when applicable, and reposting the new map URL. Just a minimum of effort so you get to move yourself and everyone gets to see a cool map!

I'll also be able to outline characters and enemies with different colors. I was thinking blue for characters and red for enemies, and black for NPC/neutral if applicable.

For ongoing effects like marks or slowed, I can edit the tooltips that pop up for each token. So all you have to do is hover your mouse over the enemy you need more information on and you'll get everything you need!

Here's an example for everyone to play with.


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
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The Battle Map
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